Meet Our Team

Sunlighten are the world’s most trusted and respected leader in the Infrared Sauna market.

Our mission is to provide innovative wellness products and services designed to improve your health and quality of life.

We are a community of wellness enthusiasts who will work with you to create positive change.

Global Founders Aaron and Connie Zack created Sunlighten after Connie’s brother, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, found healing of his chronic illness from infrared treatments. Since then, our founders have made it their mission to pioneer infrared sauna innovation and share wellness therapies with our growing worldwide community.

Our parent company in the U.S.A. has been operating since 1999, providing compelling support across 22 countries.

In Vietnam, our Head Office, Showroom & Wellness Center are located in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, we are rapidly expanding our commercial partnerships with businesses who utilises our products on an exclusive basis. Located at the Sunlighten Head Office / Showroom you will also find the Aura & Co. Infrared Wellness Centre where you can experience and feel first hand, the health benefits of a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna. 

Our team’s objective is to support you and your loved ones along your wellness journey.

The highly experienced Sunlighten team are here to help you achieve and sustain your wellness objectives.

Warmest Regards,

Ian Cunningham, Oanh Nguyen and Duy Nguyen

Directors – Sunlighten Saunas Vietnam.