Commercial Infrared Sauna Experts

An Infrared Sauna is now an experience everyone can enjoy.

Do your clients like it hot? Or do they prefer gentle, soothing warmth?

Sunlighten saunas allow you to tailor the sauna experience, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of regular sauna use.

Since 2001 we have worked closely with respected thought-leaders. This has led to us developing four different types of commercial sauna. Within these four ranges, there are various size and timber options.

Some have shared unique personal and professional experiences on our blog. These include stories about health and wellness, destination Hotels, Resorts and Spas, and home innovation.

Magna- Seal Assembly System

Committed to designing the very finest Sauna solutions, Magna-Seal ® allows for ease of assembly and certainty your Sauna can be placed easily into any location and remain as beautiful as it was on the 1st day of installation.


    Niagara Falls. Canada

       Community Resort 5-6 person Sauna.


     Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia.

    Community Resort 5-6 Person Sauna. 


 mPulse ‘Discover’ 4 Person Sauna

Sunlighten Sauna In Your Business

 How has Sunlighten Saunas integrated into the Muscles & Bone Fitness and Therapy Clinic? And why these businesses are now one of the largest commercial users of Sunlighten Infrared Saunas.