100% Designed and Manufactured By Sunlighten

Sunlighten closely control its entire design, testing, manufacturing and QA processes. We’re constantly working with designers, engineers, and scientists to research and develop cutting-edge products like the mPulse 3-in-1 infrared sauna and the Signature far infrared sauna. We subject our designs to rigorous health and safety inspections, including third-party tests and certifications. We oversee the complete manufacturing process, from sourcing safe and sustainable materials to stringent management of our component manufacturing in the USA, Japan, Taiwan and China, through to Cabin Build, Assembly and Final Testing all performed in Vietnam.

Quality Materials Ensure a Safe, Non-Toxic Sauna

Every element of a Sunlighten sauna is designed with quality and safety in mind.  We don’t believe in shortcuts, which is why our saunas are made with 100% premium wood throughout the entire cabin – no hidden plywood is used.

Not only are our Solocarbon heaters proven 95-99% efficient, they contain a proprietary blend of FDA-approved materials and are heat-sealed to withstand temperatures above and beyond the operating temperature  to ensure no unhealthy gases are released during heating. Plus, extensive third-party testing has been conducted to ensure all of our materials are safe and non-toxic.

See Chemical Dynamics testing on the safety of Solocarbon® heaters
See SGS non-toxic certification for Bamboo Carbon materials
See Apex environmental data on Solocarbon® heaters

A philosophy of investment in Research and Development has seen Sunlighten constantly lead the way in Sauna Technology.  

Our Magne-Seal Assembly System is only one example of commitment to developing and implementing concepts that ensure your Sauna’s luxurious timber can not split or crack from warming and cooling…


Sunlighten Build Cabins and assemble in Vietnam and ship to the world and are the only Infrared Sauna company directly involved in all stages of the production process.

Premium Wood Selection

Our Eco- Friendly wood is hand selected and kiln – dried, a process that takes several weeks and adds heat and moisture to keep the wood from cracking. Natural wood has many different hues and directions of grain. We match color and grains to ensure each sauna is naturally beautiful.

Quality Framework

Our framework is constructed with 100% solid, non-toxic wood. That’s why our saunas are twice the weight of any other sauna. Our tongue-and-groove boards are 10mm sanded to 8mm, as compared to the industry standard of 8mm sanded to 5mm. These small changes add up to a major difference in quality and lifespan longevity.

Cut, Assembled & Tested

Panels are cut to precision with CNC machinery. At this stage each sauna cabin is assembled and checked for quality craftsmanship.

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