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Community Resort Commercial Sauna – 5/6 People

    5 person sauna

    The Community Resort Commercial Sauna combines Solocarbon™ infrared heating technology in a robust sauna specifically designed for commercial environments, delivering a reliable, comfortable and remarkably healthy sauna experience for your clients or guests.

    Solocarbon™ heating is the safest and most effective heating system on the market today.

    The Community Resort Sauna is very reliable and safe with NO steam, plumbing, or high temperature areas that can fail, or injure.

    The Sauna settings are lockable and tamper free, so your guests or clients will always step into a comfortably warm (not hot) environment to experience the deepest, healthiest, most purifying sweat they have ever enjoyed.

    With carefully selected sustainable timbers sourced from Canada and the USA, no steam or moisture generated during operation, plus our Patented Magne-Seal construction with no screws or clips,  ensures timber can not warp or split over its lifetime.

    Your Financial Officer will also be satisfied with extremely low daily power usage and minimal to no ongoing maintenance required other than a one yearly application of our non-toxic timber sealer on floor and benches forming part of your Factory Warranty . Ask your Sunlighten Consultant for further details.

    The Community Resort Commercial Sauna is the perfect Sauna Experience for your guests within the Hotel, Resort or Wellness Retreat / Spa environment.