Touchscreen Control and Entertainment

Wellness at your fingertips

Preset wellness programs for Infrared Sauna detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, cardio, anti-aging and relaxation. This allows you to focus on the benefit you desire.

Want more? Customize your own program.

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mpulse feature burn calories

Watch Your Calories Burn

Take your sauna to the next level with Biofeedback accessories. Watch your heart rate and calories burned in real time.

Customizable to You

Near, mid and far infrared rays provide the utmost personalization. Customize a session’s infrared output to the setting that best accomplishes your wellness goals.

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Explore More with Built-in Android Apps

Browse online, listen to music, watch movies or stay in touch with social media while you sauna.

Simplified View

Don’t want all the bells and whistles? The simplified view brings the control panel back to the basics. It will display only what is needed for basic sauna use.

android powered mpulse sauna s7
                      android powered mpulse sauna s8

The Future is Calling

With the Android control, your sauna will stay up to date. All it takes is one touch to get the most recent program updates!

View the mPulse sauna!

The Android touchscreen and full-spectrum infrared heating is exclusive to the mPulse series saunas.

View our mPulse series saunas.

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